Internet of Things

The Future is Smart and Connected




The Internet of Things has provided us with a new way of automated life connected with smart devices. At LogIT, we work to build solutions that give you the central control to every device that you interact with in your day to day life. Our IoT solutions are capable of becoming an integral part of your life.

IoT Services

Smart Heating

By monitoring usage and notifying users when they could potentially be using less heating, many smart heating systems bring savings in this space.

Smart Gardening

IoT sensors allow smart gardening systems to integrate automated remote-controlled sprinkler systems, robot lawnmowers to save water.

Remote Patient Monitoring

It is made possible through the development of the IoT through smart devices by sharing real-time patient’s data to healthcare professionals.

Modernize Patient Assistance

Developing an effective IoT app helps to transform the way doctors, patients & vendors collaborate on treatment plans and healthcare management.

Retail Supply Chain

Achieve competitive advantage & magnify profits in the retail supply chain by optimizing customer retail experience at every square foot of brick & mortar stores.

Warehouse Automation

Build automated warehouses that utilize data from embedded sensors in equipment & bins to optimize stock movement & product assembly..